Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Dangerous Case of Mistaken Identity

It always irks me when people are so openly opinionated about a something, yet they are so far from the truth. They're so certain they're right, that you can't change their minds, even with evidence to back you up. Still, when asked where they got such a strong opinion from, there is no straight, clear answer. After working in a day care that does not allow American Pit Bull Terriers and similar breeds OR mixes that even remotely resemble Pit Bulls (referring to all related bully breeds), and coming into contact with average everyday pet owners who subscribe to the idea that all Pit Bulls are aggressive killing machines, I have come to the conclusion that the general public does not know much about the infamous breed. Even worse, most cannot even correctly Identify an APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier), the breed that they fear so much. 

We'll start with a short history and the American Pit Bull Terrier. It is widely accepted that the original APBTs came from the mixing of the Bulldog of old and the now extinct English White Terrier.  In mixing these dogs, they got a dog that was as strong and powerful and the Bulldog, with the tenaciousness of the Terrier. They were used to hunt down large animals such a cattle and hogs. Still, it was also important that they were able to come home and be a loving family companion, which they still are today. To read more on the history of the APBT please visit these links: UKC Breed Standard,and

 UKC Standard APBT Sketch

Now, back to my point. It seems these days everything is a Pit Bull. I have seen so many breeds misidentified as Pit Bulls that were clearly not. Apparently I didn't get the memo, but if a dog is muscular in build, and has even a speck of brindle or blue coloring, its a Pit Bull!!! Whats so dangerous about this? Well, it's a heart breaking story, really. 

See, when the APBT was created, it had such drive and strength that it really appealed to people that were looking for a dangerous form of entertainment, dog fighting. APBTs have so much drive that it was easier to get them to turn on each other than most other breeds. The same traits that made them great hunting dogs, sadly, made them great for dog fighting rings too. Dogs used for fighting were not usually treated well, and were not family pets. Today, a dog with that reputation is very appealing to those looking for a tough image, but not necessarily a family companion. These people run out and buy anything that resembles a Pit Bull and the dogs are often left in backyards with minimal human contact, chained to a tree, which results in these cases of aggression that the media just loves to hype up. In most cases the attacking dogs are just mixes, maybe with a pinch of bully breed in them. 

The result of this Pit Bull aggression hype is an epidemic called BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) and mass hysteria. BSL laws range from mandatory spay/neuter of all Pit Bull, Pit Bull mixes, or anything that resembles a pit bull, to outright bans. How would it feel to suddenly have your best friend labeled as "dangerous" just because he was born a Pit Bull, or a mix of a bully breed and just happens to look like a Pit Bull? It's happening more and more everyday. If you would like to get involved or find out where BSL is being proposed or is already in effect visit this site:

Now for some fun to lighten the mood! See if you can correctly identify the pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier! 









They are all pure bred dogs. Only one is an American Pit Bull Terrier. Good luck :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Original "Doodle" breeder regrets his involvement in designer dog fad.

Wally Conran, the man who coined the term "Labradoodle", has decided he regrets breeding the first "Labradoodle" for a woman seeking a hypoallergenic service dog. 

In creating that first purposefully bred Lab/ Poodle cross he kicked off one of the biggest fads in dog history, the "Designer Dog". Soon after that first breeding, people were begging for non-shedding, poodle mixes of their own. Poodle mixes then evolved into random mixes of breeds with cutesy names like "Cavachon", a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. Of course pet stores jumped at the chance to make millions off of these in demand pups, and the only people who could meet those demands are the dreaded puppy mills. 

 A puppy mill, where most "designer" breeds come from.

Now we have literally millions of mixed breed puppies being pumped out by these puppy making machines, to meet the demand of ignorant folks everywhere. And as we all know from Economics class, when the demand goes up, so does the price! Resulting in mutt puppies, with improperly cared for, non-standard parents, being sold for twice, sometimes triple the amount of a well cared for, well bred pure bred puppy. Or, how about the same mix, but from a rescue or a shelter???

A prized "doodle" living the shelter life.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Best Gear "For Dogs On The Go"!

After days of trying to decide which one of my favorite dog products to review first I thought, what the heck!, I'll review a whole company! 

Without a doubt, my favorite dog focused company has to be Bend, Oregon's Ruff Wear. Whether your a little terrier that needs boots for hiking, a Lab looking for support in the waves, or a Husky longing for something to lug around, Ruff Wear has the gear for you! Their products are made with quality as well as comfort and safety in mind, so you can be sure your pups are in good hands while out and about having fun. 

Ruff Wear has everything from the basics like collars and leashes, to back packs and cooling vests. They have a variety of collars and leashes to choose from depending on your dog's needs. Their Hoopie Collar and Flat Out Leash are the most basic, they are both flat nylon and come in matching designs and colors. Don't let the simpleness of them fool you though, the Flat Out Leash is loaded with extra features such as the side release buckle in the handle that allows you to wear it around you or tie it to a pole for a break. It also has a built in traffic lead and a hook near the handle to attach the ever present poop bags. Not to mention a super comfotable handle, especially if your dog forgets loose leash walking and pulls occasionally (shhh!). Among the Hoopie Collar and Flat Out Leash are a huge assortment of leashes and collars for everything from long haired dogs, strong dogs, and dogs that love to run!
Flat Out Leash

 Ruff Wear is also known for it's spiffy dog packs. There is no argument that Ruff Wear makes  the toughest, and most functional dog packs on the market. All of their back packs are built on their Web Master Harness, making these packs some of the most comfortable for the dogs to wear. With three very different packs to choose from, how can you go wrong?!
The simplest, and what I like the call "the beginner" back pack, is the Approach Pack. It's simple, comfortable, but oh so functional. Gypsy and Stinky both have this pack, so I can tell you from first hand experience it does it's job, and does it well. We've taken them everywhere from hiking, a stroll through the park, and to restaurants to eat. The dogs barely notice them, but they're sure helping us out by caring a lot of our supplies. The Approach Pack comes in nearly every size imaginable, so there is no excuse for your Chihuahua or your Mastiff to help out a little. A step up from the Approach is the Palisades Pack which detaches from the harness, and their newest pack, the Singletrak Pack, that contains two water bladders.

Approach Pack

 Along with their famous packs Ruff Wear also has an assortment of life jackets, coats for every season, boots (yes, sometimes pooches need booties too!), awesome toys, and way to many other fun products to cover in one review.

If your pup love to get out and about with you, Ruff Wear is a dream come true! Their products are a bit on the steep end of the price range, but their commitment to quality, and guarantees make it so worth it! So next time your planning a hiking, camping, or beach trip be sure to pack your Ruff Wear gear (or pack things IN your Ruff Wear gear ;) ). 

Hover Craft
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Helllooooo From Stinky World!

Hi everyone! 
Welcome to the Stinky Dog Blog. Soon to come are some reviews on pretty sweet dog products, and opinions on all things DOG!
If you can't tell already dogs are a humongous part of my life and I have so many thoughts on them that I've decided to put my thoughts into blog form to share with everyone. I plan on periodically posting entries on the many items that I know and love, as well as others that I wish I had, and you might too. I'll also include blurbs on subjects such as training, health, and nutrition. If it has to do with dogs, it will probably end up here! 

-Kelli, Stinky, and Gypsy